Best Workouts to Boost Testosterone


In this article, we’ll be discussing the essential and effective workouts that help boost, enhance and improve Testosterone in the body. Testosterone is a kind of steroid hormone that allows for increment in both bone density and lean muscle mass which goes beyond just helping you to build a nice body. It also plays an important role in ensuring good health. Testosterone should not be at a low level in the body because this gives room to different kind of health issues like obesity, high rate of depression and low sex drive.

There are several ways to boost Testosterone among which includes injections, herbal treatment, medications and lotions. But in this article, our focus will be on the essential workouts that will improve your Testosterone in no time.

  • Sprinting: Study has shown that Testosterone level can be boosted through sprinting. By simply performing series of sprint on the treadmill after lifting weights at the gym or your backyard, the park or even your neighborhood can help go a long way in boosting the testosterone level. A sprint workout should be done consistently twice or thrice a week for effective result.
  • Lifting Heavy Things: This is for everybody whether a beginner or an expert. It’s nothing to be scared about as it doesn’t include you carrying heavy stuffs that would in a way injure you but those that would essentially boost your Testosterone level. This is because heavyweights have been proven to significantly help to improve the level of Testosterone. Using a little bit of squatting, bench pressing and deadlifts can help as well.
  • Extending Rest Periods: Science has been used to prove the fact that short rest periods have a way of reducing the level of Testosterone. Thus, it is essential to consider increasing your resting periods. You can sit or do stretching for about 4 minutes between each exercise. This doesn’t mean you are lazy; enough rest also plays an important role in boosting Testosterone level.
  • Forced Repetition: Doing a continuous repetition of a couple of exercises boosts the Testosterone. By simply doing repletion of weight lifting over a couple of minutes and then get a partner to help you to finish the other repetitions that you won’t be able to do alone.
  • Chronic Cardio should be avoided: You should at all times try not to extend your endurance level for sports like cycling as this tends to reduce Testosterone level unlike how weight lifting and Wight training increase it. Hence, maintain a normal endurance level so as to help to maintain a normal Testosterone level.
  • Make use of your legs: By adding lower body training to your workout sessions, you can boost your Testosterone level. You can start this by warming up, do a repetition of bench press, squats, pull ups, deadlifts, a maximum of ten sprints and set out to cool down.

 It is no easy job to maintain a completely healthy living and most especially keep at an optimum level the amount of testosterone in the body given the number of factors that affect it. Therefore, to improve or maintain a high level of testosterone, any or all of these workouts will work.