The Best Books on Migraine


Migraine can become a really big issue for people who are foodies. A person who loves food and has a Migraine have to cut down on some food that can cause Migraine. Migraine is a different kind of headache that even makes opening eyes in light difficult. A person having a migraine just wants to keep their eyes close and avoid all the things. So, for you to get rid of or prevent Migraine, here are the best books on Migraine.

By reading these three books, you will be able to know about how you can prevent the occurrence or deal easily with the pain.

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Top 3 Best Books on Migraine for 2021

After extensive research on books related to fibromyalgia, here I have found the best books on Migraine. Their description and review will help you in making the purchase.

1. The Migraine Brain

Nowadays, almost every 3rd person has complained of Migraine. Migraine is a serious headache problem that even causes nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light. The Migraine Brain is a book that presents new science on how you can treat Migraine. The book reviews show that it is a life-changing book that clears all the confusion of people related to Migraine.

Migraines cannot be cured fully, but one can always opt for some things that lessen the intensity of the pain. This book, “The Migraine Brain,” explains chemical and structural differences that are associated with Migraine pain.

Dr. Bernstein, the author of this book himself as a migraine sufferer, explains how a person can develop their own patterns to prevent, abort and stop migraines.


  • A realistic Migraine help book
  • Contains Knowledgeable reference


  • Outdated book
  • Expensive

2. The End of Migraines

This book related to Migraines is an eye-opening book. With thousands of evidence, clinical observation, analysis, and practical suggestion, this book contains 150 ways to stop Migraine pain.

This book contains immense information and strategies for self-management, behavioral, medical things that help with the occurrence and treatment of migraine.

Alexander Mauskop has given several pharmaceutical and device-related treatment options to the readers of this book. The readers of this book find various options in this book for treating migraine pain.

This book is a practical guide for all the people who are struggling with their battle with migraine and are in search of hope.


  • This book has discussions on medication and non-medication options
  • Comprehensive guide to treat migraine
  • Great references for understanding


  • Lacks info about hormones and histamines

3. The Migraine Relief Diet

This book, “The Migraine Relief Diet,” is written by a certified nutritionist. It contains delicious recipes and easy-to-follow diet plans that help in reducing migraine pain.

Tara Spencer, a migraine sufferer herself, has shared her experience on how she controlled the migraine pain through her diet and foods. This book includes a symptom tracker, meal plan, and coping strategies. Moreover, this book features wholesome, migraine-safe recipes for breakfast, mains, snacks, and dinner.

The strategies and activities described in this book are time-saving and help in reducing stress.


  • Great book to learn about triggers
  • Helpful for migraine relief
  • Contains helpful migraine diets


  • Poor quality printing
  • Have the worst recipes
  • Impractical book


Among the above three books, The End of Migraines is the best book on migraine. It has blue in color and has 167 pages in it. This book contains complete knowledge about migraine and how a person can deal with it. Moreover, the evidence and strategies described in this book are phenomenal and incredible. In short, this book contains complete knowledge about migraines and how to deal with them. Happy Reading!