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Most of my life I have suffered from deppression and I didn't even know what it was! I was just so angry all the time and I really didn't know why! My mom was always angry too and called all of her children terrible names and smacked us all around whenever she was angry. But I was the one that got the worst of it. I made sure of it. I talked back to my mom saying things like " Does it make you feel powerful that you can beat up on little kids! " and " What kind of mother treats a dog better than she does her own children." I took the abuse because my brother was only 3yrs. old and I didn't think he could take it! My sister was a year and a half older, but she was lost in her own world of romance books and she just wasn't strong enough to fight back. I didn't know what to do. I mean I was barely 8yrs. old! So, I went to my teacher at school praying that she knew what to do. And she called my mother! I ran out of her office in tears thinking why didn't anyone believe me?!?! I don't understand how anyone could my story against my mother and the then call my mother to pick me up from school! I took off from the school and went to my best friend's house! Jennifer's mom's hoiuse is where everyone used to meet up after school to have snacks, and talk about our day..! So, I decided the ony thing I could do was to go back to that house where my mother lived and pick up what few items that I had there and leave. I did do just that and then I began a new chapter in my life.
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