My Anxiety Held me Back for Too Long


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When growing up, I went to an art school. My two majors, or talents I should say, were singing and I played the violin.

Up until I was about 14 or 15 I was the quiet kid in class. Being in an art school, we would have these tests where we would have to get up and perform a piece of a song or sometimes even a whole song in front of the class. In choir, we called them “singing tests”. In orchestra, they were called “playing quizzes”.

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For the longest time, my anxiety would make me hold back. During my singing tests, I would sing so quietly, my teacher would have to actually lean forward into my face so he could hear me. I was always jealous of the other kids who could just belt out their parts.

Finally, once I hit junior high, so about 8th grade, I decided I was done with it. I got up there for my test and finally let everyone hear my real singing voice.

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When the test was done, my teacher looked me right in the eyes and said “you’ve finally opened up and let everyone hear the amazing voice I knew you had and I’m so proud of you” and I almost started crying.

That was the best feeling I’ve ever experienced. I’ll never forget that day. Since then, of course, I still have anxiety. But I’ve started to open up more and more. I actually feel like I’m beating anxiety.

Who gave you the strength to fight back? Show your support by Commenting!