I saw an Angel after my Heart Surgery


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Middle of January 2016 my family was having such a terrible month. You know the feeling you get when you realize the Murphy of Murphy’s law woke up with you and just nothing was going right.

So much stress on top of life’s issues my granddaughter’s emotional support dog Kujo went into seizures. The day was comforting grandchildren and furbabies. Ending the day at almost midnight burying Ava-Marie’s befriend.


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The next morning I went to work and just wasn’t feeling right most of the day. The pain I’ve had in my left side for the last week was getting worse.

About an hour before time to go my body said I think we will be taking a detour on the way home and stopping by the Hospital.

Well they checked my heart and I attempted a stress test but my oxygen dropped terribly low. The next day I was told I’d be having open heart surgery on Monday this was a Thursday. By the time Friday came, they moved my surgery up to Saturday.

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Doctor Allen said I may be getting a triple bypass which ended in a quintuple bypass. During surgery, I felt like I was actually watching the surgery take place. I had no pain but could hear everything the Dr said. Towards the end of my surgery at the foot of my bed, I saw a beautiful Angel. She was just standing there looking at me with love and compassion on her face. I asked her if she was there to escort me to heavens door. She waited a couple moments and with such tenderness she says… “No Lona I am here to watch over you and keep you safe.”

With a smile on her face, she says. “It isn’t your time now you have to go back, .you have much more to do. But, know I’ll always be here for you.” Then the next thing I know I’m hearing my husband’s voice.

God is good and I’m so very blessed to be loved so much.

Have You experienced anything like this in Your Life? Share and Comment to show your Support!