Alzheimer’s Patients Light up with Joy over Therapy Animals


rom personal experience, my pet’s have always cheered me up. Pets are simply amazing and can do wonders for anyone. They provide companionship and someone to talk to for those in a tough time. Research has proven many times that pets are very good for people. They provide a stress control which helps lower blood pressure and the heart rate. This also produces serotonin which is a hormone that makes the body feel good.

Some Alzheimer’s and Dementia facilities are taking advantage of these massive health effects and are hiring businesses that bring pets in. Cats, Dogs, Miniature Horses, and even pigs can be brought in for the enjoyment of those living there. These animals have been trained to always love whoever they are with. These animals love being pet and engaged with. I’ve even seen some video’s of cats and dogs sitting contently in the laps of people for hours on end.

I for one think this trend should only continue. Seeing the faces of those living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia Light Up with Joy is just a beautiful sight. Every single care giving facility should start doing this as soon as possible. It’s a win win situation. Those living there are brought joy plus happiness and the animals are given are much attention/petting as they want!