Alone in the World


What do you do to go through every day without breaking down? Comment below to show your support!

A throw-back to my past, while I was in high school, I never felt like I belonged there. I used to walk in my school halls day-to-day and no one used to see me except the occasional bullies. When I reached adulthood, I met someone who I married but unfortunately, nothing that I ever did was good enough for him which left me mentally abused for 17 years.

I have now left him, and all I am trying to do is to raise my three kids alone, I am trying my best not to let them see my sadness. Every day I get up to go through a battle that starts with work, being around people and feeling so much anxiety when someone talks to me as I am always scared to say something wrong. I look to myself every day in the mirror and tell myself that I am better than this but I cry after.

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I have tried antidepressants. None of them seemed to work. Even though the challenge of anxiety and depression is hard, I keep striving to beat it. I know that life is hard, but I will never give up and I always remember these:

  1. Keep faith in yourself even on the darkest days.
  2. Don’t be your own destroyer.
  3. I’m good enough.
  4. No one is better.
  5. God loves you.
  6. Life is worth living.

These things I tell myself every day.

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I always try to fill my kids with positivity. They are full of dreams and very involved in sports and church. The smile on their faces makes everything better. I go to all their games and try to support them and trying to push myself to be the best mom I can be. The battle inside rages on.

My family knows about my depression. They have told me to just go to the doctor. They are not very understanding, and they just don’t understand that sometimes pills don’t help. So anyone going through depression and anxiety, keep your head up. This world is hard but we can do it.

What do you do to go through every day without breaking down? Comment below to show your support!