Accepting My Disability


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have been dealing with decreasing health for many years now and it has been a frustrating journey because I have always been active and healthy. I have had many family members talk about applying for disability and I have always been against it. I was feeling guilty and I did not want to admit that I have any disability at all, knowing all along that my health was only getting worse as the years go on. I was not willing to admit this to myself, let alone to anyone. I did finally apply after I lost my job of 25 years and was amazingly approved within 6 months.

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I have gone through two blood clots which put me in the hospital. The second one almost killed me. I have been admitted numerous times to the hospital because of infections in my left leg caused by cellulitis which all were life-threatening. I had a surgery for a huge cyst which they removed in a procedure called hysterectomy. At the same time, because of complications, my incision point had to be opened back up which sent me to the wound center where I had to have a wound V.A.C put on me. This initiated more than three months of visits twice a week to have my incision taken care of until it healed. The drive was 30 minutes one way.

During those visits for care, I also went into the Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers for oxygen therapy to help with healing once a week after my wound dressing was changed. Other issues that I have been dealing with are type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, GERD’s, high cholesterol and osteoarthritis. I think that is plenty. The arthritis is in my knees. My doctor wanted to give me the injection that can ease the pain but my insurance would not cover it. Even after I did the therapy and everything else necessary, they still did not cover it.

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I am not complaining as I know there are many out there that are far worse off than I am.

I don’t talk about my problems with many for that reason and that is just who I am. Yes, I hurt most of the time but I try my best to have a good outlook about it all and enjoy life. I try to keep active as much as I can or should I say – as much as I feel like doing. Some of it hurts, but I know that what I do is not going to do any harm but more good. I enjoy being here and do my best to keep positive no matter how hard it all gets.

Do you manage to Stay Positive despite your disability? Share and Comment to show your Support!