Abortion: Would you Consider this Option?


Do you consider abortion as an option for you? Share your own opinion with us in the comments!

Abortion is a hard topic for a lot of women to talk about. Abortions are done for several reasons, the girl is too young to be a good mom, no good financial income. All these reasons and people think abortions are the easy way out, which is wrong.

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You are never too young to have a child. If you can open your legs to have sex, then you are fully responsible. Some young kids probably don’t know that’s how babies are made. When you are young you try to fit in with most kids, but sex isn’t the answer. If you may suspect your child is sexually active get them birth control or condoms. When my child was young I had to have the sex talk at about 13 years old because she is a carrier of sickle cell and we don’t want any of her kids to have a blood disease or disorder. It will be hard for me to give her the talk, but our family will be here for all the support that we need.

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You need money to take care of a child. Diapers are about $8 on average. My daughter can go through 3 packs in two weeks. So with easy math, that is close to $50 just for diapers, but there are other solutions out there. WIC helps with food and formula, and a lot of towns have pregnancy centers that can help with cribs, diapers, wipes, car seats and even clothes. There are ways to afford babies even if you don’t have a steady income yet.

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I don’t wish rape upon anyone, it really can mess anyone up. The baby could be a good thing out of a shitty situation. I understand that a lot of women think the baby will remind them of that awful night. If that’s the case there are wonderful programs out there for you. You can help parents whom can’t have kids by adoption. People adoption is an amazing program and if you don’t think you are capable of taking care of the baby, trust people who have been waiting for that moment for a long time.

Do you consider abortion as an option for you? Share your own opinion with us in the comments!