A Life of Pain


By: Liss -Pain Savage

I try to imagine a life without pain.
No more throbbing or stabbing, no more stupid migraines.

I am experimenting with all the latest treatments and meds,
but still spend most days restricted to beds.

Often I have to force myself just to get my feet on the floor.
I take a deep breath, and slowly count to four.

I open my eyes and get a glimpse of the light,
but the pressure is so intense it feels like dynamite.

I keep on pushing forward and keep on trying.
I put on a fake smile, say I’m fine, and pretend I’m not lying.

I put on my sunglasses and hold back my tears,
and try to hide the fact that I constantly live in fear.

Fear of the good days that I know just won’t last.
Fear of the bad days that will take me down just as fast.

Why did this have to happen to me?
Please find a cure and maybe one day…I can live pain free!