7 Things You Didn’t Know About Nexplanon


If you’re not ready for motherhood any time soon, you’ve probably researched various birth control methods, or perhaps have selected one to use. Nexplanon—the birth control implant—often gets lost in the shadow of other well-known options such as “the pill,” but it truly deserves some major time in the spotlight. Why? This matchstick-sized plastic device is considered one of the most effective long-term, reversible contraceptive methods a woman can use. Not to mention, it offers a myriad of other amazing benefits that make it the top choice when compared to other methods.

Today, we’re going to share some interesting facts about Nexplanon that showcase why it’s the optimal solution when it comes to preventing pregnancy. Whether you’re looking for a reliable, convenient birth control method or already use Nexplanon, here are seven things you probably didn’t know about this tiny, yet powerful implant.

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1. It prevents pregnancy more effectively than male sterilization

You’d think that male sterilization (male vasectomy) would beat all other forms of birth control, right? Think again! When it comes to preventing unwanted pregnancies, Nexplanon can’t be beat, boasting an extremely low failure rate of 0.05%. In women using the implant, only five in 10,000 women become pregnant in a given year. This beats the effectiveness of male sterilization, which has a 0.15% failure rate and is often irreversible.

woman period

2. It can make your periods easier

What woman wouldn’t want more manageable menstrual cycles? Nexplanon comes with the added benefits of reducing cramps during a woman’s period and making the flow much lighter. In fact, one in three women with the implant stop getting their periods completely after a year.

3. It can work for up to three years

One of Nexplanon’s greatest advantages over other birth control methods is its convenience. While injections must be given every three months and pills must be taken daily, weekly, or monthly, Nexplanon continues to deliver effective birth control for up to three years following insertion. Once inserted, you can pretty much forget it’s even there!

4. Insertion and removal only takes a few minutes

The procedure to insert or remove Nexplanon is a breeze. Both are done in your health provider’s office under local anesthetic and only take a few minutes. For those who are a bit squeamish when it comes to medical procedures, don’t worry—you shouldn’t feel a thing and the recovery process is quick and easy.

5. It’s radiopaque

Nexplanon is radiopaque, meaning your implant will show up on X-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, CT scans, and CAT scans. Why is this beneficial? If need be, your provider can use an X-ray or ultrasound to see if your implant is in the right place and make adjustments.

breastfeeding woman

6. You can use it while breastfeeding

Nexplanon can be implanted four weeks after giving birth and is a safe option for breastfeeding mothers seeking contraception. In fact, if you’d like to take birth control while breastfeeding, a progestin-only option like Nexplanon is the safest choice. It won’t affect the quality or quantity of breast milk so new mothers can rest assured that it’s safe for their baby and themselves.

7. You can get pregnant right away after it’s removed

If you decide that you want to start trying for a baby, your health provider can easily and quickly remove Nexplanon at any time. It won’t affect your fertility or make it harder to get pregnant in the future. Also, unlike other birth control methods, it’s possible to get pregnant as soon your implant is out.

Nexplanon is the top choice

We hope you learned a bit more about this discreet, convenient birth control method. If you’re seeking a reliable and safe contraceptive, look no further than Nexplanon—the highly-effective birth control implant.

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