There are 7 Stages to Fibromyalgia, I am Stage 4. What are you?

  1. You feel like your body isn’t acting right. You are a little tired and feel some pain
  2. There is more pain in your body, and you’re taking a medication to relieve the pain. Everyday you feel tired and worn out.
  3. You constantly feel everything. Constant Pain, Constant Fatigue, and Constantly wanting to stop this pain
  4. You have to consistently take time off your job because the pain is so much. The other stages seem like cake walk compared to the pain you are currently in
  5. At this point you have probably been fired from your job or left it because you are taking too much time off because the pain is too high. You’re probably looking into some sort of long-term disability
  6. There is no hope for you having any sort of job at this point. The pain is just too much that you can’t concentrate on much other than hoping the pain will go away. You have probably tried every possible medication in the pharmacy and outside of it for relief.
  7. This last stage is the culmination of all other stages. You probably question everything. ‘Why did this have to happen to me’ ‘How did It get to this level’ ‘What could I have done differently’. This is the last stage and its full of anger toward the disease but you never give up. You keep searching for a cure in obscure places.