5 Unbelievably Common Misconceptions About Arthritis


There is not a day that goes by where I must explain my Arthritis to someone who has no idea. It is just frustrating to have to explain myself again and again but depressing when the idea is realized that very few people can relate to me.

Even worse, is when people decided to give the dreaded unsolicited advice, especially when it is a HUGE misconception.

Here are 5 I have had to deal with:

  1. Taking Supplements will rebuild my joints – If I had a nickel for every person who told me to take fish oil to rebuild my joints, I’d have my own aquarium by now. This is absolutely FALSE as supplements may contain natural compounds found in joints, there isn’t a shred of scientific evidence that shows they help rebuild.
  2. Only One Type of Arthritis – Having Arthritis isn’t like being the Highlander (“there can only be one”), and having to explain to individuals how my arthritis differs from their dogs is unbelievably frustrating and emotionally taxing. There are over 100 kinds, buddy, go Google it.
  3. Exercise worsens Arthritis – As much as I’d love to have another excuse to not go to the gym, this isn’t one of them. In fact, research shows the range of motion exercise and gentle forms of yoga can help with energy, weight maintenance, and get a better night’s sleep – all of which are beneficial for people with arthritis.
  4. Old People Only Get Arthritis – Pump your brakes kid, I’m only 27: Part 2. This can affect any and everyone, even kids as young as six years old. Recent studies even show over 80,000 kids of 16 years and younger have Arthritis. So watch what you say, especially to your elders.
  5. Diet Doesn’t Help – Again, false. Who knew what you would eat and drink would have any effect on your body? Maintaining a healthy weight relieves pressure off your knees and other joints, so you best believe watching your food intake is important.