5 Tips to Canceling Plans Last Minute Due To a Migraine

  1. Tell The Truth. You probably think that people might not believe you when you say your Migraine is hurting you so bad that you can’t safely drive or walk anywhere. Well, people do believe you, especially if they have seen you go through a migraine previously. There might be a few that don’t believe you and in that case make it up to them later on

Need an excuse that isn’t the Truth? Well, we’ve all said a little lie at one point in our lives. Maybe you’re looking for a new excuse because you worry people might think you’re constantly sick. With migraines, we sometimes always are sick, as some of us get them 10-20 times a month! So if you’re looking for a new excuse, look no farther as we’ve got your back!

  1. Your Dog or Cat ate something and threw up. Saying this definitely requires you to actually have a dog or cat, otherwise the lie becomes a lot harder to believe. You can go into further detail and say you want to watch them for at least 4 more hours because according to the veterinarian website you looked at, that’s how long you’re supposed to watch them.
  1. My Parent/Relative just flew into town last minute and only has a few hours between his next flight. You want to hang out with them for a bit. It’s important that you say something along the lines of ‘Show him as much of the town as possible’ just so they don’t say to bring your relative over to the planned event.
  2. You had to get something Renewed at the DMV. If they ask for specific, just say you were sent something and only know you have to go in there to renew it. If they keep pushing for specifics, just start complaining about the long lines at the DMV, and they should also join you in complaining about the lines
  3. You need to finish some project for work/school. Maybe tell them it’s the Johnson file and it’s super important it gets finished by the next day. When they ask them what’s the Johnson file just say it’s a particular client you work with or President Johnson(depending on if it’s for work or school). You’re just one person working on the file and other people are staying up to work on the project as well, and you can’t let them down!