There Are 5 Stages of Diabetes. I Have Stage 3, What Are You?


It is estimated that over 29 million people in the United States suffer from Diabetes. It’s definitely a lot of people and there needs to be more awareness for it. When it comes to having Diabetes, there are 5 different stages on the spectrum of Diabetes Acceptance. The following are the 5 stages that one with Diabetes will have to deal with when they are first diagnosed with it. Every person’s journey through the stages will never be the same or last as long as someone else’s.

Stage 1: Denial – You refuse to believe you now have Diabetes. How could this be? You never ate super badly. Sure, you ate a few cheat meals but it didn’t seem that bad.


Stage 2: Anger – “It’s my husband’s fault! He saw me eating what I did and never did anything about it. If he was a better person I might not have diabetes“. This stage is characterized by lashing out at loved one’s and other items that might have caused your Diabetes

Stage 3: Bargaining – You try your hardest to stop the progression of Diabetes. You change up your meal plan entirely. Maybe you even hit the gym every day.

Stage 4: Depression – At this point you might be starting a medication for Diabetes and the truth finally sinks in. You have diabetes and there is no cure for it currently. You will have to live with this for possibly the rest of your life. Your life is on a spiral course with all the changes you are having to make. It’s very overwhelming and this causes Depression

Stage 5: Acceptance – You have gotten used to all the changes that happened in your life. It no longer feels too difficult living with Diabetes. You have gained some good habits in avoiding certain foods and doing certain routines. You are a happier person who has been through a huge personal upheaval with their life. Now you have to make sure you don’t fall back down through the stages again