5 PTSD Symptoms I wish I could Let go of


1. While not necessarily a symptom in you, often your loved ones and friends will try and get you to talk about your past when you’re not ready.

2. Often the term PTSD is thrown around too often and there are certain stigma’s attached to it. No one person with PTSD has it the same way as others.

3. Those with PTSD often find themselves withdrawn from everyone. This can stem from not being able to trust others to just being depressed where you.

4. There is nothing worst than not feeling safe in your sleep. It’s suppose to be a nice place where you can relax after a long day but instead you go to sleep dreading the nightmare you might have.

5. Outbursts of anger. We don’t mean to be angry but sometimes it just happens and we usually apologize after the fact for it.