5 Psoriasis Symptoms I Wish I Could Let go of


1. Social Anxiety. With psoriasis we often hide our different spots affected by psoriasis. This means no shorts in the summer, swimming is almost always a no go, and long sleeves are being worn in the summer.

2. People that have never been affected by psoriasis often think it’s contagious. It’s not. But this has not stopped people with psoriasis feeling shunned and actually not getting a job they were applying for.

3. If we could just stop the itching that comes with psoriasis I would be happy. However, it feels like the need for itching never stops.

4. Trouble sleeping. Not being able to sleep or at least sleep well takes its toll on every part of one’s life.

5. Increased risk of a heart attack and diabetes. While not everyone with psoriasis will develop these extra symptoms I just would rather if we were able to eliminate them completely.