5 Migraines Symptoms I Wish I Could Let go of


1. Weather sensitivity. You know what sucks? When a simple change of the weather triggers a Migraine. A nice day outside seems like a great time for your body to give you a migraine.

2. Aura’s. These little suckers wreak havoc and always make me scared. They make you lose your vision partially and I’m always scared of what if it never comes back fully? That part freaks me out the most.

3. Light Sensitivity. If you’re sensitive to light you probably have already upgraded/downgraded your house so the lights aren’t as bright. But when you go into work or a classroom you’re probably blinded with fluorescent light which starts giving you all the signs of a migraine attack.

4. Ever feel stressed about having migraines only for that stress to give you a migraine? Yeah, this can be a never ending loop of pain.

5. Food Sensitivity. Ever had a favorite food? Well, with migraines those foods sometimes become a trigger for you. Thus, you have to avoid them if you want to avoid migraines.