5 Fibromyalgia Symptoms I wish I Could Let go of


This isn’t necessarily a symptom in our own bodies but it happens to those that don’t have Fibro. They don’t believe that we have it. Them not believing our story is definitely terrible as it doesn’t make getting treatment or talking to them easier.

2. They definitely suck and having them on top of having Fibromyalgia is just like an enemy kicking you while you’re down.

3. Fibro Fog!! Fibro fog is when you forget what you are doing and have trouble remembering! I definitely have misplaced car keys multiple times and not found them for hours (The answer is they were in a jacket pocket).

4. Muscle Tenderness. Ever work out really really hard and your muscles just feel so sore afterwards? That’s sort of like how Fibromyalgia feels but more constant. And the worst part is, we don’t even have the large muscles you get from working out but we still feel the pain.

5. Difficulty falling asleep. With all the various symptoms of Fibromyalgia happening to your body it can be really difficult falling asleep at night. The pain and soreness keeps you up at night.