5 Diabetes Symptoms I Wish I Could Let Go Of


1. Looking sick. The reason I want this to go away is that people constantly ask if I’m sick. It doesn’t feel good to look sick when you’re really just diabetic.

2. Frequent Urination. Constantly having to get up and go to the bathroom is frustrating. It makes going to the movies painful as you miss the good parts. It makes sleeping hard because you constantly are getting up and disturbing your sleep cycle.

3. Numb Feet. I constantly lose feeling in my feet which makes me start to panic.

4. Worry about blood sugar. It’s a 24/7 job and one I wish I could quit. The pay is terrible and I feel like I was practically forced into this position. Constantly worrying about blood sugar is terrible!

5. Lack of energy is tough to get around. I can get a perfectly adequate amount of sleep but still not feel like getting out of bed. It’s tough getting anything done.