5 Asthma Symptoms I Wish I Could Let Go Of


1. It’s definitely something that comes with Asthma. Worrying constantly about if you have your inhaler or not. It definitely is needed as you should always carry an inhaler with you. All the worrying though, gets a bit stressful at times.

2. Nocturnal Asthma makes it really tough to sleep at night and stay asleep. Whenever it happens to me, I never ever feel well rested and it definitely affects how productive I am during the day.

3. Sensitivity to the cold. I can feel extremely good waking up in the morning but the moment I step outside into the cold atmosphere I start having an attack due to the coldness outside. This can be a pain when you keep traveling from warm to cold environments constantly.

4. Allergy Triggers. These can just hit you at random throughout your day. You can be just walking where you usually do and them BAM a sudden gust of wind could bring some sort of allergen to your body causing you to have an attack.

5. Exercise problems. I really want to be healthy, the problem is my body literally fights me on this. It’s hard to get to a peak heartbeat per minute when in doing so, you have a harder and harder time breathing.