5 ADHD Symptoms I Wish I Could Let Go Of


1. Not being able to focus. It sucks, I know I need to be doing something but im doing everything but that. If I have to write an article, I’m coming up with 15 other things that I should be doing first.

2. Memory problems. This partly stems from the first one of not being able to focus. I can put something down and then forgot I put it there as I’m doing something else.

3. Aggressive outbursts. Sometimes it’s hard not to be angry at something that happens. And I usually try to control myself but there are times I forget to control myself.

4. I do things without thinking it through. This can be as simple as buying a certain type of food but not knowing how to cook it. Or not having another ingredient you need to actually make the dish.

5. The stigma of having ADHD. I dislike everyone thinking that because I have ADHD, means I literally cannot concentrate on a single thing. This is actually not true. I can focus myself and get something done, it might be a little harder but it can be done.