5 Acne Symptoms I wish I could Let go of


1. Those large and solid nodules beneath the skin are probably the worst. They just hurt and won’t go away like whiteheads do. They definitely are the worst part of having Acne.

2. Washing the bed-sheets after accidentally picking at a pimple in your sleep gets tiring. What’s worse is when you accidentally do this during the day and get a blood spot on your clothes.

3. The Anxiety that comes with having Acne. When I have a major breakout I just want to hide and not go out in public. What’s worse is that having anxiety doesn’t really help you get rid of it. Stress is definitely a contributing factor when it comes to Acne.

4. My face is a battleground. It feels like an artillery company was bombing it and to get rid of these scars requires some extensive appointments in a dermatology office.

5. Blackheads on the nose. No matter how hard I can try, these never ever seem to go away for more than a day. I can use all the treatments in the world but they always come back at an insane speed.