There are 4 Stages of COPD. I Have Stage 2, What Do You Have?


The Lung Institute says there are 4 stages of COPD. Each of these stages is measured by the Forced Expiratory Volume otherwise known as FEV1. This number is determined by how much air you can forcefully exhale in 1 second. This number will change depending on which stage of COPD you have. Below are the 4 stages with their FEV score

Stage 1: Very Mild COPD: Has an FEV1 of 80% or more of a normal person. This is the earliest stage of COPD

Stage 2: Moderate COPD: Has an FEV1 of 50% to 80% of a normal person. Things start to get a little difficult here and exercise is definitely hard to do

Stage 3: Severe COPD with Emphysema: Has an FEV1 score of 30%-50% of a normal person. Exercise should be reduced as breathing will be very difficult. Keep to light exercises and never over exert yourself

Stage 4: Very Severe COPD: Has an FEV1 score lower than 30%. This low percentage means there is hardly any oxygen in your blood. You are probably using a breathing assistant.