Stage 1: Pre-Rosacea – This is where the main symptom of rosacea first starts to appear. Your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin are vulnerable to flushing. Your skin probably becomes very sensitive. You’ve found out the hard way that some cosmetics and skin creams actually burn your skin when applied. You eventually go to a Dr. to find out what is happening with your skin

Stage 2: Vascular Rosacea – This stage is defined by small blood vessels appearing on the nose and cheeks. They look like small red lines to you. Your skin might be a little puffier and even more sensitive. Some might experience oily skin and even dandruff. The flushing of your face happens more frequently at this stage. You start trying to hide your face from others during breakouts.

Stage 3: Inflammatory Rosacea – By this point you’ve tried some natural home remedies that may have slowed or temporarily relieved some symptoms. But now you probably are looking for medication that could help as well. Red bumps start appearing on your face, some even contain pus. Your skin becomes more sensitive and very delicate. In a few cases (mostly in men) actually cause your nose to enlarge from enlarged glands. You may become more anxious when out in public during a flare. Sometimes you keep your head turned from your friends to reduce the amount of red skin they see.

Stage 4: Ocular Rosacea – The last stage is the most serious for rosacea. It starts to irritate your eyes at this point. You need to always be aware of the condition as sometimes if left unattended it could cause loss of vision. Always be aware of the problem and consult with an ophthalmologist if you are concerned as the symptoms should be dealt with fast.

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