4 Bedding Tips That Make Your Bed a Safe Haven


Your skin is the largest organ that plays many vital roles in keeping you healthy and sound. Not only is it the beautiful covering for all your vital organs, but it also helps keep these organs protected by keeping the bad stuff out and works tirelessly to bring toxins and bacteria to the surface, usually via sweat.

The skin is filled with tiny holes called pores which make evaporation of liquids (e.g. sweat) possible, but also the absorption of things from your environment easily. This means, that whatever our skin touches, whether clothes or bedsheets, it absorbs the chemicals present in those items. This is the main reason why we should pay more attention to our fabrics and bedsheets as they are constantly in direct contact with our skin. Textiles that hinder evaporation are quite lethal to the skin as it keeps the toxins trapped in our skins which could cause irritations and even dermatitis.  But before you purchase anything, here are 4 simple tips to make your bed into a healthy safe haven.

Simple Changes to Keep Your Bed Healthy

The average American will spend 36 years in bed throughout their lifetime. This means, that if your bedroom or bed is a hub for bacteria, then likely you have bad skin regardless of how many skincare tips your dermatologist gives you. Bacteria love warm, cuddly places to grow and that means they are likely to multiply on your bedsheets. 

The most common bacteria found in beds is the staphylococcus aureus which causes a variety of skin problems including swelling, blisters, and abscesses.  To avoid these skin problems, below are simple ways to make your bed less likely to grow bacteria:

  • Make your bed every day clean: Yes, mom was right after all. Just the simple act of lifting your sheets and shaking them kills up to 90% of bacteria and pathogens in your bed (they love it damp and dark).
  • Wash your sheets often with organic detergent: Washing your sheets with organic, nontoxic detergent not only makes your sheets bacteria-free but also keeps them rid of toxic chemicals that are present in synthetic detergents. Read our blog post on organic detergents.
  • Sun-dry your sheets: Direct sunlight will kill most of the bacteria in your bed. There is a good reason why the Chinese sun-dry their beddings and blankets and it’s not for the colorful aesthetics. 
  • Avoid polyester products: bacteria love polyester because they are air-tight and not breathable. It is also filled with harmful chemicals and shouldn’t be in contact with your skin.

Take it to the next level with Only Organic Bedding

Our skin works tirelessly to remove the toxins from our bodies and really shouldn’t be clogged with more toxins from the things we wear or use. Most commercial fabrics are made with harmful chemicals that could cause serious skin irritations. 

  • Buy organic cotton sheets: Research has shown that cotton is the best option for people with sensitive skin because it is extremely lightweight, breathable, and (if grown organically) rid of toxic chemicals. 
  • Avoid heavily printed bed sheets (especially for your kids): This is because some dyes are known to be harmful to the skin. 
  • Avoid stain-resistant, wrinkle-free materials: Beware of products and clothing materials that are marketed as stain-resistant, wrinkle-free, etc. There’s a great chance they are filled with harmful carcinogens. 

Why Aizome is The Best Choice For Sensitive Skin

Imagine having toxin-free, antibacterial bed sheets that keep your skin protected and rid of bacterial attacks? We at Aizome call that a major win-win! Because Aizome is 100% all-natural materials and we do not use chemicals on our products, the natural plant defenses are kept in the products – Aizome bed sheets destroy bacteria while you sleep. Lab tests show that Aizome eliminates staphylococcus aureus bacteria in just a few hours.

This is unlike other companies that use harmful materials as antibacterial agents in bedsheets which can cause skin infections like eczema according to the National Eczema Society. In addition, we do not use more chemicals in our processes, so there are no traces of harmful materials.

With every product we make, we consider the human skin. Our antibacterial bed sheets create safe, toxin-free options for you and your family and they are all available on aizomebedding.com.

It’s time to get rid of the unnecessary exposure to bacteria and start to feel comfortable again in your skin.