There are 3 Stages of Eczema. I have stage 2, what do you have?


There are 3 stages of Eczema. Each stage is different for everyone. No one person takes the same journey through Eczema and each person may stay on certain stages for a different length of time than others. No one really knows how Eczema is caused but it is thought to occur due to certain allergens and irritants. If you ever find your skin irritated by something, definitely stop using it.

Stage 1: Acute Stage – The first stage of having eczema. This is when you first start having a rash. You may have some of the following characteristics: Tenderness, Intense Itching, and Extreme Redness. You probably think it’s just a rash from maybe a plant you touched in a park or houseplant. You try several things to try to relieve the symptoms including an antihistamine, antibiotic, or even just a wet compress.

Stage 2: Subacute Stage –  Your eczema is evolving which you definitely don’t want. You may start getting flaky or scaly skin, cracks in your skin, and even itch or burning. The other symptoms from the first stage have decreased a bit. You probably have started to purchases a bottle of moisturizer for every place you spend more than a few hours each day at home, work, car, etc.

Stage 3: Chronic Stage – At this point, your Eczema flare’s are not going away fast. In fact, they are lasting three or more months. This new evolution of Eczema includes leathery looking skin, more cracks in the skin, itching, large areas of skin breakdown which is called an excoriation and accentuated skin lines. This is definitely the most severe stage of Eczema and over the counter, drugs are not very efficient at relieving it. You may start working remotely a bit more during this time as the pain of moving is getting worse.

What stage do you have? Comment Below?