Megran the Migraine Mascot


Have you ever wondered why there isn’t a character or face closely associated with Migraines? With Migraine being the 3rd most prevalent illness in the world, there should be a mascot to represent it, right? Why isn’t there something we can instantly associate with Migraines if they are so prevalent?

Well, there finally is a new mascot! This is a Migran (ME-GRAN). He’s a curious little guy and quite adorable. He has a problem however. Whenever something that usually triggers a Migraine is introduced to him, he changes shape into something quite different! It’s a snarling and angry looking creature. Check out the image of this change below when he is introduced to cheese!

A Migran on the left and a Migraine on the right

When a Migran changes shape he turns into a Migraine. This is a good representation of what those suffering from Migraines in real life go through. They change from something cute and adorable to something that isn’t themselves. This change lasts anywhere from a few hours to a few days, sort of like a real migraine in a person.

If a Migran eats cheese, drinks wine, or sees a bright light he will change shape temporarily.

Will having a mascot for Migraines help with Awareness and finding a cure? It will more than likely help raise awareness and provide a fun way to explain what Migraines are and what can trigger one to kids. All of this extra awareness can only help bring the public’s attention to Migraines which could help increase funding to find cures.

Some say that there shouldn’t be a cute character as the face of Migraines while others say that what a Migran transforms into isn’t quite scary enough. What is your opinion of this creature and what he changes into?

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A Migran drinking wine and turning into a Migraine!