13 Best Foods for Crohn’s Disease


If you have an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), proper diet is extremely important. Some foods can aggravate intestinal issues and pain, but there are many that provide proper nutrition without making symptoms worse. Listed below are 13 of the best foods for people with Crohn’s disease.

#1 Almond milk

Many people with Crohn’s disease are lactose intolerant. Fortunately, there is an excellent dairy alternative: almond milk. Almond milk is made from almond powder and can be enriched to contain as much calcium as regular milk. Almond milk also has vitamin D and E, but does not contain cholesterol or saturated fat and has fewer calories than cow’s milk. Many varieties contain sweeteners; Choose an unsweetened product to cut about 20 calories per serving.

#2 Eggs

Eggs are an inexpensive source of protein that are easy to digest. Always having eggs on hand means that a healthy snack will be available at any time.

#3 Oatmeal

This comfort food is an excellent choice if you have Crohn’s disease. Insoluble fiber in raw vegetables, fruits, and nuts may prevent proper water absorption in the colon and can aggravate diarrhea for those with IBD. But oatmeal has soluble fiber, which absorbs water and passes more slowly through the digestive tract.

#4 Vegetable Soup

Even during a flare, mashed vegetables, like pumpkins, musky squash, carrots and parsnips are provide more nutrients than when the vegetables are boiled.

#5 Salmon

Twenty-five percent of calories consumed should come from protein, which is essential to healing. Lean protein, like seafood, is the best option. Fish is extremely beneficial, especially fish that is rich in omega-3, like salmon. Shrimp and white fish such as tilapia are also nutritious and easy to digest. Prepare the seafood by steaming, grilling, or roasting and skip the deep fryer.

#6 Papaya

People with Crohn’s Disease may think that they should avoid fruit, but even during a flare, tropical fruits like bananas are a nutritious option that are easy to digest. Mango and papaya are nutrient rich and easy on the digestive tract. Papaya contains an enzyme, papain, which helps the body digest proteins; This sweet fruit is also rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid, and potassium, and is available throughout the year. Cantaloupe is also a good choice.

#7 Mashed Beans

Beans may seem the ultimate no-no for those who have digestive difficulty. But chickpea purée (the main ingredient of hummus) and well-puréed lentils are a great source of lean protein and other nutrients, and are safe even when Crohn’s disease flares occur.

#8 Avocado

Sweet, smooth, and full of good fats, B vitamins, vitamin E, and potassium, avocados must be on the menu if suffering from Crohn’s disease. They are also one of the only fruits that contains soluble fiber digestible with the insoluble type.

#9 Roasted Red Peppers

Brilliant and delicious, roasted peppers with the skins removed are delicious, nutritious, and safe for people with Crohn’s disease to eat. Add them to a salad, slip them into a sandwich, or even use them as a topping for soup.

#10 Butter Lettuce

A Crohn’s Disease diagnosis does not mean that salads should be removed from the diet. If severe diarrhea is not an issue, a salad made of butter lettuce is an excellent choice. Also known as Boston Bibb, this widely available light green lettuce is more tender and easier to digest than other types of lettuce.

#11 Rice

A traditional choice for anyone who suffers from upset stomach, white rice and other refined carbohydrates may not be very nutritious, but they are easy on the intestinal tract. They can also provide the calories needed during flares. Just make sure these simple carbohydrates do not replace proteins and properly cooked vegetables in the diet.

#12 Smooth Nut Butters

Walnuts are an excellent source of good fats, vitamin E, and protein, but digesting them presents an insurmountable challenge for many people with Crohn’s disease. Nut butters provide the benefits of nuts without aggravating Crohn’s Disease symptoms. Be sure to choose smooth rather than chunky varieties of these butters. In addition to peanut butter, most stores now stock almond and cashew nut butter as well.

#13 Poultry

Chicken and turkey are lean white meats high in protein. They are also easy to digest, making it a go-to protein source for anyone with an IBD.

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